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Win when you lose with Lotto Spring Lottery Game

How To Play The Lotto Now With ProSpring Look


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Plus Plus Even 

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Way To Go People Lotto Spring Works a Treat! Why Play the euro millions lottery game the ProsSpring Lottospring way! Look at our winnings on offer below for guessing the lower end choice of winning number payouts compared to what the main site offers!

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Paying for your LottoSpring or ProSpring Account

Depending on your location and bank we have lots of different payment methods available. Take a look below and decide which one is best for you.

Activate Now!

How to Pay for your account!

We have created many different ways to pay for your LottoSpring or ProSpring Membership!
Take a Look at the options below and take the right steps. If you are stuck a bank transfer always gets to us!

Credit or Debit Card!

You can pay using Debit or Credit Cards from most countries and using Mastercard and Visa Options.

If you have trouble with using your card. Then we recommend calling your bank or card company and asking them to allow the transaction through. If that is not possible then choose an alternative below.

Activate and pay by Credit/Debit Card

Bank Transfer

You can send money directly from your bank (online or offline) just do a regular transfer or payment to our account and use your USERNAME as a reference for the payment. Then choose your numbers and activate your account. Now Select Bank Transfer as your payment method. As soon as the money arrives we will credit your LottoSpring Balance and your in and playing.

Due to bank charges we recommend pay for at least 3 Months in advance for this as it can be expensive to make one small transfer. This will mean that you have 3 months to get your 3 people and make sure you don’t miss any prizes or multiwins.

LottoSpring Bank Details are as follows:-

IBAN:  MT32VALL22013000000040021956258
Bank address:  Wignacourt Centre,
Triq il-Kbira San Guzepp,
Sta Venera,
SVR 1011 – Malta
Account owner:  Kootac N.V.

Payment Reference: your username   

Please ensure that there is enough to cover bank charges as we credit the arriving balance to your account and you will need enough to cover the first game.

After you send the payment go here and Activate your Account

SKRILL Online Wallet

Skrill is an online wallet where you can upload cash from your bank or credit card and then use it to pay for things online.  It’s like PAYPAL for Lotto Companies.

Go to create an account, pay account and then head over to Lottospring Activate your account and select SKRILL as they payment method.

Create a Skrill Account

Neteller Online Wallet

Neteller is an online wallet where you can upload cash from your bank or credit card and then use it to pay for things online. It’s like PAYPAL for Lotto Companies.

Go to Create an account, pay in to your account and then head over to Lottospring Activate your account and select Neteller as the payment method.

Create a Neteller Account

Sofort Banking

An Online Payment method available in most of Europe. Ideal for paying for lotto payments. Pay in to Sofort and use the money to activate your LottoSpring Account.

Go to Sofort banking

Perfect Money Online Wallet

Pay by Card or Bitcoin with Perfect Money’s online payments.

Create an account at and then do an online transfer directly to our Perfect Money Account using the following Details:

Account Name: Kootac

EUR account: E10287591

Bitcoint account: B10775679

As soon as you have paid let support know and we will push that money in to your lottospring account.

Pay in to Perfect Money

What you miss out on if you don’t activate in time!

Deadline approaching for pre launch activation!

Personal Prizes of up to €10 Million

Match your numbers to win anywhere between €5 and  €10 Million Euro Jackpots

Multiwin Prizes from  your Winning Team

Win between 5% and 10% of the prizes of your entire team.

Giveaway Tickets to Share and Promote with

Get Free Tickets to give away and attract new players to your team.

Get 3 Play for FREE

Invite 3 Players and get a full refund so you play and win for FREE!

€50 Million Syndicate Prize Entry

Get Access to 800 Chances per Month of Syndicated Prizes with 49 Others to improve chances of winning the big one!

Blitz Points from Everyone in your Winning Team

Every Player in your Team earns your Blitz Points which give you FREE Blitz Tickets!

Guaranteed Blitz Prizes every Friday of up to €50,000

Free Blitz Tickets win your between €1 and €5000 Euro every Friday.

Social Sharing Links and “Done for You Marketing!”

Send people to your personalised website address and we will do the rest. emails, videos, offers and more all sent to help you build you team with zero effort!