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New Idea Rewards Card Cash Back Program

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Now! Take a Look and Read Below! To see A bit of a Bonus on offer for all viewing this new part of our page of information! You might say No! But! Try it!

Just check this out for free! This information is for U.K. people only!


The Idea Rewards Card is probably the most rewarding cash back and referrals card in the UK today & it’s FREE



 What Is Idea Reward..

A Customer Loyalty Program that lets you earn reward points for shopping at our partner merchants..

Where is it based? Based In London in the UK and was formed early 2016. UK business only.

How do you use it? There are 2 ways to use the program –

1) Present your Idea Rewards Card to a participating Local Loyalty partner (a local shop or service provider in your town/city) at time of payment and you’ll earn reward points for your purchase.

And if you already have points then you can redeem them at the same partner merchant or exchange them for gift cards and vouchers to use at big retailers.

The Reward Points are our way of saying “Thank you for being our customer!”

Every time you make a purchase, you will earn Reward Points.

Every Reward Point earned is worth £1 at the time of redemption!

2) Get your vouchers for the Key Loyalty merchants direct from Idea Rewards or from your local voucher selling point.

Who is behind Idea Rewards? Four of the UK leaders in a company called Lyoness.

All were big earners in Lyoness International (£100,000+).

They were unhappy at the Lyoness model not really suiting the U.K. market.

And as they weren’t able to change that company they decided they could do it better

by setting up their own company based in the UK and for UK businesses,

customers and business builders. So in early 2016 Idea Rewards was launched!

How much does it cost to join as a customer?

It’s FREE to be a customer and collect points for cash.

And there is a business opportunity here too? YES!!!

You can become a PROMOTER also for FREE and promote Idea Rewards to family, friends, colleagues, through social media or any way you wish.

And every time you sign someone up for a FREE account and when they buy something and swipe the Idea Rewards Card YOU will be rewarded too.

And it doesn’t stop there.

When those people sign up people for a FREE account and those people use the card your friend gets rewarded AND SO DO YOU, even though you may not know them.  And so it goes on down 7 levels below you. If you don’t get this don’t worry as I will explain and help you.     So you may think!

I haven’t got a clue how to make some money with this and my brain hurts thinking about it!   Hahaha. Don’t worry. I will help you.

And, the company provides training  sessions throughout the country to support you, help you and guide you on how to develop a business and income.

Where can I earn my Idea Rewards from? Presently (early 2016) we are just beginning on this journey.

The goal is to have 1000’s of businesses on board both national and local

We have already started with some major national companies like Sainsbury’s, Starbucks, B &Q,  Cineworld, Love2Shop & Top Shop.

Local shops will be added as we grow our membership.

 What to do now?

 You can get your FREE idea membership and if you want to also promote Idea Rewards you can and its also FREE.

At the moment there is no on line sign-up so you will have to contact me..

I will issue you with a membership number.

Once you have your membership you will be able to get into the on line back

office and be able to use it to track your spending and business as a promoter


Watch one of our members help videos above

Submit your details below with a REAL email address so I can send you details!

Do make contact with me asap email me here

with more idea rewards cash back info in the Subject line..

Bye for now, but whatever you decide I wish you and yours the very best..

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