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My online handle is aka BestOnTheNet it’s a user name I created along time back!

It was in no way to assume that I personally was or am the BestOnTheNet online.

Over the years I have tried to learn my trade which is to be as competent as I can in

using the many available tools that people need to become as successful as one can

in trying to achieve our goals and aspirations in being able to earn that proverbial

extra income.

To be honest in this world of ours today it is becoming quite hard to create a

lifestyle that for those who are blessed with talents which ensure there income level

 is far beyond the majority of expectations is to say the least hard to do.

Most of the people on our planet have hopefully a JOB that in most cases means

“Just Over Broke” I am certain Most would agree… 

So my handle BestOnTheNet is just a way I try to inform all who are in touch with

me what works for me out in cyberspace..

 It’s a site intro name I have used allot over the years.. Try “Google” it and see..

You will find me for sure.. Just type in BestOnTheNet

I been online I believe 12 years now wow time fly’s does it not..

It all started as a bit of a hobby of mine.. Just luv technology me.. Hope you do too..

But it soon changed into me being interested in ways of creating an extra income..

I wonder if you do that too because my main contacts online whether it be on the

many social sites I am involved with..  Plus.. Just click to view me on my Skype or FacebookTwitter plus Linkedin Join me especially if you are of the

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This is me and my better half Julie, we have our daughter, Kirsty, sons Jason and

Darren to  be  thankful  for and our very own first grandson TJ the luv of our life

the 4 of them..  

It’s what we all work so hard for is it not..

But we are all allot older now as these were taken awhile back..

We live in the U.K. In a town known as Shipley in West Yorkshire.  

If you do one thing in life as you go on your way always be thoughtful of how you think;

It’s what I learned awhile ago now to do with the laws of attraction and it works.

My son Daz sings on the info video I created you now see below..

My Thoughts about this well documented concept! From Me AndyC

But my favorite video of my son doing his thing is here..

Scroll further down my page to see the banner ads I use that I earn extra income

with each and every day!

But before you do bare in mind that no matter what occurs in life that may make

you feel you can not go on think about others in this world of ours who are not as

possibly in as good a place as you..


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