What Is Referral Based Crowd Funding?

Donation-based crowdfunding plays a crucial role in the new wave of alternative

finance and the future of our economy.  

It enables individuals to directly share their money with causes and  projects that

they feel strongly about and thereby empower others to create impact. 

Let’s face it-asking for donations is all about tugging at the heartstrings of the

prospective donor.

They have to FEEL that your cause is worthy of their hard-earned dollars.

The problem is a lot of campaigns may not be about a heartfelt cause, this is why

so many are failing, also if you are not one of the lucky ones that get picked up

by the local news media.

The donation-based crowdfunding model is changing the face of education.

Not only is it being added to the curriculum of many business schools,

it is also providing vital additional funds for student tuition.

Non-profits in search of more funds and a strong social media program

should consider a crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding not only raises

money but increases brand awareness. Large and small businesses are

crowdfunding without using the equity platforms.

With that being said let’s get back to where the rubber meets the road!

I just read a crowdfunding  article and it said most people will not

donate unless something is in it for them, human nature.

Bingo, the light came on~ I have the perfect solution, a referral

based crowdfunding platform. We voluntary choose to contribute to

other  campaigns in return we can receive from an unlimited number of

other members campaigns.

We are a community of project managers committed to the success of the

projects that came before us and support those that are  joining after us.

The key is our share donation distribution formula.

Do you need to raise money?

What is your project? How much do you need to raise?
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Note: Whatever it is~ CrowdFunding can happen very fast!

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Never ever give up on your dream no matter what may occur be thankful for

small mercies!  Just remember this little girl below when you feel down just

in case you think life’s a bitch!